Sam Broadcaster Automated 
Radio Sweepers PAL Script!

(The Power of Pal!)

radio sweeper is a short, pre-recorded sample used by radio stations as segues between songs that give listeners a brief station identifier or promo, generally 9 seconds or less: “You’re listening to the soft sounds of [NAME] radio. Easy listening throughout the Bay Area,” for example.

Dry radio sweepers are voice only—no music or sound effects—whereas wet sweepers generally contain sound FX (also known as “sonic”, a global term for all sound effects and elements used in a sweeper.)

Sweepers are also known as liners, bumpers, radio imaging, sweeps, station imaging, stingers, IDs, idents, promos, shotguns and intros. Most sweepers will have a voice over included on the audio.

Automated Radio Sweeper Pal Script


Introducing The Radio Sweepers PAL Script!

Radio Sweepers PAL Script
Designed Just For SAM Broadcaster Stations!

This radio sweepers PAL Script will play a targeted sweeper from your sweeper categories based on what time of the day it is!

It will even give you the ability to have different weekend sweepers as well!

You have the ability to choose how often the sweepers should run. 

  • Morning Sweepers!
  • Afternoon Sweepers!
  • Evening Sweepers!
  • Night Sweepers!
  • Overnight Sweepers!
  • Saturday Sweepers!
  • Sunday Sweepers too!

Please note: Requires Sam Broadcaster Pro with MYSQL

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