Insert Y Every X Song Plays PAL Script

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I’m often asked for a PAL script that will play a commercial, radio drop, station ID or promo after every x songs.

SAM Broadcaster used to come with that PAL but maybe that is no longer the case.

Anyway here is the PAL script.
You can make copies of it just rename each copy so that they can be used at the same time.

Rename the PAL to whatever works for you.


You must change the variables in the PAL to fit your needs. The instructions are in the PAL itself.

Pal scripts can be edited using Windows Notepad or from within SAM Broadcaster itself.
To edit them in SAM you must first load it into SAM via the PAL Script window.
Once inside, you will see two places that need to be changed to fit your needs:

const WaitCount = 4; <– this varible is the “x” varible and it determines how many songs to play before the rest of the PAL script continues.

Cat[‘CREATE A CATEGORY TO PULL FROM’].QueueTop(smRandom, EnforceRules); <– You must change CREATE A CATEGORY TO PULL FROM to the actual category you created.

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