Live Voice Tag PAL Script


If you ever listened to the Tom Joyner Morning Show, you will from time to time hear him promote a product using only his voice. I call this type of advertising a “live voice tag” advertising because there are no sound effects or music playing with the spot and it sounds like the announcer or host is promoting the product live on air.

I took this concept and created an automated way to do the same thing and I’m using a PAL script to do it. Now, you may say to yourself, that you don’t need a PAL script to do something so easy to do, but here is where my twisted mind makes the difference.

The PAL script I created looks at every song being played and when it finds the targeted song or artist who paid for the live voice tag commercial, the live voice tag commercial will trigger and play right after the song plays. This way when a targeted song plays, I come on the air behind that song or any song from that artist and I tell the listeners where they can go and buy that song right now! But remember it’s not me, it’s the PAL script working so it sounds like it’s me there at the station live promoting that targeted song.

See the difference? This is a type of advertising. I can then pitch this type of advertising to the artist and sell ads that way.


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