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If You've ever Wanted a way to post now playing info to Twitter Keep Reading...

There are a couple of services available both free and paid that will connect your RadioDJ software to your Twitter account, but often you can't be creative about what is posted or it's a lifetime monthly fee.

Let's face it, in this social networking environment we now live in it's extremely important that your station is connected to the world in a way they can relate to it.

Social networking is the absolute fastest and best way to help you brand and grow your online radio station. However it can be very difficult and time consuming. Promoting your station on social sites can become a 9 to 5 job in many cases and if you're like me, you don't always have that kind of time

I save you the research time and web coding fees.

We keep up with Twitter changes for you.

You can focus on radio and growing your audience.

You Will Save Time and Money!

I have seen the services that offer tweeting your radio station content for free and they work really well!

But... Like me, I also know how bad you want to be able to customize your tweets and to display different looking tweets based on what the audio content is! Below is my actual Twitter screen shot of my RadioDJ station @24HourPreaching

As you can see, I have different tweets for different types of audio! The potential of this is amazing!

AND Most Importantly - Your Stream License Metadata Will Remain In Tact!

This no longer has to be an obstacle for you and you can now represent your station the way you want to on Twitter!

Get The System That

Makes All Of This Possible...

I created this system using Sam Broadcaster and when I made the switch to Radio DJ, I wanted the same post to Twitter abilities. The biggest social platform that has worked for me is Twitter. Therefore It is vital to the growth of my station. Before making the switch I had to be able to do the same thing using Radio DJ.

This system allows you to post not only songs and titles, but you can continue to notify the artist as before that you're playing their music. You can post banner ads for radio ads too!

You Are No Longer Bound To Just Artist & Song Title!

Imagine being able to have different tweets based on what category a promo or song played from or weather or not what's playing is a sweeper, commercial, interview or show intro. The sky really is the limit!

As you can see, your tweets will begin to take on a life on their own and add variety to your post and now you can have this system for your station!

Yes, Now it's Finally Time for the - TWSS Radio DJ Twitter System

Introducing... TWSS Radio DJ Twitter System.

I'm introducing my new new Twitter system designed for RadioDJ users!

  1. Runs On Your Hosting Account:  this package is hosted on your site giving you full control with no monthly fees! (Requires hosting with SSL Certificate)
  2. The Power of Custom Tweets: customize your tweets the way you want them! You can even display album covers or ad banners!
  3. Build Your Brand:  this is my secret weapon to station growth and branding. I did it with Sam Broadcaster and now it's available to Radio DJ users.
  4. It's Time To Stand Out: make your station tweets uniquely you and get more followers and listeners!

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Here's What You Will Get Right Now!

  • A Special Password Protected Export-To-Web PHP File
  • My Twitter API PHP Codes
  • Access To Video On How To Create Your Twitter API Codes
  • Access To Video On How To Setup Radio DJ To Work With The Twitter API
  • Access To Video On How To Customize Your Tweets
  • Access To Video On Setting Up Posting Images To Twitter From Radio DJ
  • Free Email Support or Paid Remote Support
  • Free Updates Including Twitter API Changes

I help all my customers as much as I can (since I am one person), in making sure their system works.

Now Is The Time To Get TWSS Radio DJ Twitter System!

We have already influenced Billboard Magazine to chart Radio Tweet content, now let's take it to another level!

WebScriptStore Exclusive @ $12.95!

Get Instant Download Access Even If It's 3:00 AM - Guaranteed!

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new”  

- Socrates

To your success!

Roderick Carter

P.S.: Every RadioDJ station owner who has been looking for this will get it and use it. With it they will build their Twitter following and set New Social Station Standards. The question is... Are you going to be left out? If not act fast!