This New System Replaces The Standard Static Request Page

Your Visitors Don't Have To Scroll Pages To Find A Song!

"This will allow your visitor to search and make request much faster!"

Giving Your Visitors a Song Search Function Keeps Them Coming Back...

The best thing for your online radio station is the ability to get people to come back to your site.

This has been my biggest website traffic source! I think allowing the listeners the ability to have some input gives them a sense of partnership with the station and they do return, many daily to request their favorite songs.

I've even added it to my Android app to increase user action on the app. If you are not using the request system, you could be missing out building loyal listeners.

Sam Broadcaster comes with a really nice request system and it also comes with a HTML website template and PHP website template.

Due to security risk, most hosting providers like GoDaddy, HostGator, iPage and others do not allow what is known as remote database access. So that makes using the PHP request system that comes with SAM null and void. This pretty much forces everyone to use the HTML request system that's provided with Sam Broadcaster Pro.

Like I mentioned earlier, it works very well once it has been properly setup.​ The only downside is that your visitors will have to scroll through tons of information to find what they are searching for.

Scrolling Through Pages to Make A Song Request is The Best Way To Scare Off Your Visitors Away

Most people won't mind scrolling through the pages to find the artist and song they want to request but if you want people to enjoy the experience of using your request system, you will want a way for them to search for what they are looking for.

I use my request system myself and I wasn't too happy having to scroll so much to find what I want. More importantly, it would really be nice if I could search for partial information and still get close results.

Since the SAM Broadcaster Pro HTML request system does not have a search feature, I decided to create one!

The biggest challenge was to be able to search the song database without actually connecting to it!

I finally did it! I was able to put together a system that was still HTML based, searchable and does not require remote database access.

Search for any combination of song, artist or album.

Visitors can now pinpoint to exactly what they want.

Your stations retention should start to increase.

Here's How the Old SAM Broadcaster Static Request Page Looks.

This system comes bundled with Sam Broadcaster and works very well once set up.

But, as you can clearly see each letter of the alphabet is a page and every artist that starts with that alphabet letter will be listed. This causes your visitors to scroll up and down looking for the artist they want to request.

This may be fine for you but remember the request system is not about what you want or like but more so about giving your visitors and listeners an enjoyable solution and experience.

Here are three things to think about that my system does!

  • Does not require remote database access.
  • Allows users to search for the song, artist or album. 
  • Gives visitors a reason to keep coming back to your site.

Here is How This New Searchable Static Request Page Now Looks!

The new look and design is appealing to look at and it even allows you the station owner to make Amazon or iTunes commissions from sales!


But let's cut to the real deal. Below is a working sample so you can see it in action for yourself! TRY IT!

Try This Working Demo Request System!

Now that you have seen it in action let me welcome you to my custom designed request system.

TWSS Sam Broadcaster HTML Request System

The request system you need and your visitors love!

This is the only innovative request system for Sam Broadcaster Pro and you may be the only person without it!

  1. Search by Song, Artist or Album:  give your website visitors a cool, easy and fast way to search for the song they want to request.
  2. Works on Any Shared Hosting Plan: if you have a hosting plan for your radio station website that allows you to create FTP accounts, then this works for you!.
  3. Attract More Listeners: bottom line is if your listeners can request their favorite songs they will tune in to listen more!

Do What So Many Other SAM Broadcaster Stations Have Already Done:

Download This System Today For Only $12.95!

This is the first call to action for your readers to become customers.

Requirements & F.A.Q.


  • Sam Broadcaster Pro Version 4.9.0 + / with MYSQL
  • Web hosting account with FTP ability
  • Properly setup Sam HTML Output
  • Properly tagged song metadata

Not Required:

  • Audiorealm account not needed
  • Remote database access


  • Is this hard to set up? – No!
  • Will there be an installation or setup video? – Yes
  • Will it work with multiple genres? – Yes
  • I Have 7,000 songs in my system, will it work? – It should, my system has 10,000+ songs
  • Where do the album covers come from? – From your website if the songs in your SAMBC have album covers.

“Whoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.” - Vincent Van Gogh

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