Energize And Brand The Sound Of Your Station With Affordable Radio Station Imaging!

Don't Settle For Just Playing Music All Day - Give Your Station A "Sound"!

Various Station Sweeper Samples

Radio Station Imaging Can Give Your Station


Don't use old outdated and horrible sounding imaging for your station. If you want your listeners to take you serious, then you need to get radio station imaging that makes you sound good!


Radio station imaging is how to actually brand your station. With professional quality imaging you can turn your station around in minutes and improve your overall listener satisfaction.


With radio station imaging, your station sounds fun, vibrant and full of energy! That translates very well to your listening audience. Most will even rember your station because of the imaging.

You Get 15 Professional Audio Elements!

There's enough radio station imaging in this package to run for 3 months!
Radio Station Imaging
3 Morning Drops

Morning Imaging

Your listeners can start their day off feeling more connected to your station and loving the new sounds!

Radio Station Imaging
3 Evening Drops

Evening Imaging

Set the tone for your evening listeners with a professional branded sound that identifies your station to everyone who listens.

Radio Station Imaging
2 Evening Drive Drops

Evening Drive Imaging

Brand your station's sound during the evening drive with two professional drops made just right for the evening drive time.

Radio Station Imaging
3 Afternoon Drops

Afternoon Imaging

Got those listeners that tune in during lunch break? Don't let your station loose it's branding! These drops help maintain your branding even during lunch hours.

Radio Station Imaging
2 Morning Drive Drops

Morning Drive Imaging

The morning drive is the heaviest time of the day for radio so it's important that you are branding your station during those hours.

Radio Station Imaging
2 Custom Drops

Custom Station Imaging

Get two custom 20 second drops to use for quiet storm, station IDs, DJ drops or station drops.

About the Producer

Roderick has been doing voice over work for stations around the world for the past 4 years. He's been an audio engineer for over 30 years and still works in various studios, concert stages as well as his own professional recording studio. He comes highly recommended for his smooth, trusting vocals and being able to connect to the audience.

“The power of radio gives us the ability to speak truth, bring hope and peace to anyone that is willing to listen”

What Other Stations are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"Often times in the world of Broadcasting, you find many a good person in the performance of their work. I find there are few Greats! Roderick Carter has proven a Champion and Craftsmen in this field. Mr. Carter, over the past few years have proved KYBN-Radio Outstanding work in many areas of Broadcasting. Mr. Carter we fill has a great part in what we (KYBN) do on a daily bases.

For anyone seeking the Professional work that they truly will be proud of and have pride within, I strongly endorse the work of Roderick Carter. I have indeed had the pleasure of working with others, I can, however, say with clarity Mr. Cater is the absolute best."

Dr. Aaron Ramsey (KYBN Radio General Manager)


"Radio imaging from Roderick Carter (aka Hott Rod) transformed the personality our Radio Station to the next Level, I would recommend his imaging to every Radio Station."

Rondal Grace (KRGN Radio General Manager)

This Radio Station Imaging Package Contains:

  • 3 Morning Drops (up to 9 seconds in length each)
  • 3 Afternoon Drops (up to 9 seconds in length each)
  • 3 Evening Drops (up to 9 seconds in length each)
  • 2 Morning Drive Drops (up to 9 seconds in length each)
  • 2 Evening Drive Drops (up to 9 seconds in length each)
  • 2 Custom Drops (up to 9 seconds in length each)
  • All recorded in HD quality up to 9 seconds in length each
  • Drops are Voice, Voice FX and Sound FX only (no music)
  • Delivered to you at 320 kps Professional Qaulity
  • English male voice only

Order Your Imaging Package Today!

Turn around time is scheduled for 5 days but it may be sooner!

Get the Ready Made Template Package
for Only $169.00 $97.00!

[Package Includes Voice/FX Only]

Get the Custom Made Template Package
for Only $197.00 $125.00!

[Package Includes Voice/FX/Music]

This Station Imaging Package Consist Of Voice/Voice FX/Sound FX

Enhance Your Station's Programming Today!

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