TWSS SAMBC Request System


Giving Your Visitors a Song Search Function Keeps Them Coming Back

The best thing for your online radio station is the ability to get people to come back to your site.

This has been my biggest website traffic source! I think allowing the listeners the ability to have some input gives them a sense of partnership with the station and they do return, many daily to request their favorite songs.

I’ve even added it to my Android app to increase user action on the app. If you are not using the request system, you could be missing out building loyal listeners.

Sam Broadcaster comes with a really nice request system and it also comes with a HTML website template and PHP website template.

Due to security risk, most hosting providers like GoDaddy, HostGator, iPage and others do not allow what is known as remote database access. So that makes using the PHP request system that comes with SAM null and void. This pretty much forces everyone to use the HTML request system that’s provided with Sam Broadcaster Pro.

Like I mentioned earlier, it works very well once it has been properly setup.​ The only downside is that your visitors will have to scroll through tons of information to find what they are searching for.


Requires Sam Broadcaster 3.5 or higher and MYSQL



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