Single Audio MP3 Dropbox Downloader


Never miss downloading a radio show shared from Dropbox again! Now you can automate it to make sure it runs on time!

**** This software requires Win 10 | For Windows 7 users Powershell 5.1 is Required ***
Download Windows 7 Powershell 5.1


This software automates the process of downloading a single show in mp3 format from Dropbox so you will never miss downloading it on time.

I created it because I have many content providers that share their shows via Dropbox for my station and to be honest, my schedule sometimes mean I miss downloading their shows.

Content providers can share their Dropbox folder with limits to prevent me or others from altering or adding content that does not belong in their folder, but many of them still don’t trust that option. That means they are stuck on sharing a link and it means I have to manually download it.

Not any more!

I now use my own software I created: Single Audio MP3 Downloader (Dropbox) and you can too!


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