Download Radio Station Bumpers, Sweepers, Stingers & More In
MPVO Audio Elements Volume 1!

These audio elements are awesome sounding Professional 320Kps sound bytes that will enhance  your stations sound between songs and when coming back from commercial breaks! Instantly Upgrade your Station's Image with these ready to use Audio Elements! Get them all for only $14.95!!!!

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From the Recording Studio of Houze Of Phat Productions comes....

This is the first volume of many more to come! These are Radio Station bumper, sweeper, stinger and transitional audio elements that you can use right now to enhance your station's sound programming. This collection of generic but Powerful sounding audio bytes are sure to score big with your listening audience. Your listeners will be impressed with the professionalism of your station's sound!

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Check Out the Samples in This Volume:

*** Samples on this page are low quality due to piracy ***

Here's Another 20 Minute Music Mix!

A Yo Keep It Locked!

And Now It's More Music!

You're Listening To Best Station On The Planet!

Don't Touch That Dial!

Let's Get Down To Business!

It's About To Be On!

Jamming To Our Jams!

Playing Nothing But The Hits!

We Play More Music!

Upgrade Your Radio Station's Image!

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About the Author

Roderick Carter has been mixing and engineering sound for over 30+ years. He has commercials, DJ drops, station ID's, sweepers, bumpers, stingers and voice over work that is currently being used all over the world in radio, television and live DJ sets. It is a treat to get his creativity and skills for radio imaging and DJ imaging at such a low price. These productions are produced and mastered at Houze Of Phat Productions located in Winston Salem, NC.