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Here is how to get started with creating your own Android or iPhone app

Click Here To Purchase Android App Template

Click Here To Purchase iTunes App Template

 Android Radio App Compile Service: $29.00
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I can not at this time compile nor submit to the iTunes Store but I can do the Android stuff
You can purchase these templates from these developers and the iPhone developer can help you get it into itunes (not sure at what charge).


I know how to do the Android version and give you back the final apk you will need to submit to your Google Developer Account or I can submit it under my developer account. Or you could do it yourself if you like learning new things. 🙂


If I compile your Android app, the app will have only your details and images. If I submit it, it will only show on Google play who submitted it and my name will not be anywhere in the app.


So if you purchased the Android template, I can compile it for your station for you for only $29. I will submit it to my Google account if you don’t know how or don’t want to go through that process. However, it would be good if you did set up a Google Developer Account because you will have detailed stats on your app.


 Android Radio App Compile Service: $29.00
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I will need you stream URL & port
I will need a 800×800 logo of your station
I will also need 720×960 background image (for when no album cover is displayed)
The background image should be somewhat dark in color to display the white letters and words
To see an example download my app here: WNIA Gospel On The Go
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